Date: August 1996

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British Bitter


Brew an extraordinary British bitter!

Step Mashing


Try this hybrid technique that’s a favorite with commercial brewers. It combines the ease of single infusion with the control of decoction.

Craft Dream: The Equipment Arrives!

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In reflective moments, when he’s not occupied negotiating with contractors, filling out government forms, installing equipment, or performing any of a thousand other tasks required to put his new microbrewery on line, Michael Bryant shakes his head about the project and calls it “crazy.” “If I had done more investigation before I got my mind

Build a Cooler Mash/Lauter Tun

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You finally got that 10-gallon round beverage cooler to make a mash/lauter tun, but now what? What type of false bottom works best? How do you hook everything up? What about sparging? After countless hours at the hardware and homebrew stores I have come up with this simple yet practical and cost-effective design. The first

Confessions of a Breakfast Cereal Brewer

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If you asked me “Why brew with Grape-nuts?” I might answer: “Why not?” More important, when rearranged the letters in “Grape-nuts,” spell “sparge-tun.” But I would probably think a bit longer and tell you the truth: I was perusing Michael Jackson books recently and read his description of the Russian brew kvass, made from bread.

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