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Mash Hopping Techniques

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Bored with the same routine? Put a little hop into your mash.

The Extract Equation

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With a calculator and a little knowledge, you can convert any all-grain recipe to an all-extract version. Here’s how.

First Wort Hopping Techniques


First wort hopping: Add bittering hops to the brew kettle before the boil begins.

The Great Beer Debates

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A closer look at three issues homebrewers love to argue about.

Fining Beer Techniques


Hazed and confused about cloudy beer?  Read on…

Homebrew Lab Equipment

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From the humble hydrometer to a handheld pH meter, here are the gizmos every science-inclined homebrewer should have.

Calculating Gravity, Bitterness, and Color

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A handy guide to calculating gravity, bitterness and color

How to Make a Sour Mash

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As any all-grain brewer knows, a mash is a mixture of hot water and grain. A “sour mash” is a mash that has acid-producing bacteria in it. Most people associate the term with whiskey from the southern United States. But the technique can also be used in homebrewing. A brewer can make a small sour

Make Me Sweat! Cool Tips for Hot-Weather Brewing

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You don’t have to quit homebrewing when the weather gets hot. Cool tips, practical advice and a surefire recipe for summertime brew sessions.

153 result(s) found.