Writer: John Palmer

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Understanding the Science Behind Beer Foam


Beer foam: It’s more than just a layer at the top of your glass, it’s a complex matrix of air and chemistry that is highly dependent upon the brewing process. Explore the science of the suds with John Palmer.

Behind the IBU


What is an IBU? It’s a simple question — wait until you hear the answer.

Lautering Efficency


To get all the goodies from your grains, you need an efficient lautering system – find out how homebrew solutions stack up.

BSI: Brew Scene Investigation


Follow the case of the sweet stout that went sour, and learn about the potential contaminants that may be lurking in your brewery.

Everything About Water for Extract-Based Brewing


Water, water everywhere….but what’s an extract brewer suppossed to do with it? Get your feet wet in our guide to what extract brewers should, and shouldn’t, bother with when it comes to this all-important brewing ingredient.

Brewing Sugars & How To Use Them


Sugars add strength to beer without bulking up the body. John Palmer conducts a survey of sweetness to help you choose when to use sugar and which sugar to use. From Belgian candi sugar to xylose, it’s all here.

Raise the Colors!


From the lightest Pilsners to the darkest stouts, beer shows a spectrum of colors. Find out how to calculate beer color and formulate your recipes with the right combination of specialty grains for just the right shade in your glass.

Skip the Sparge!


Use more grain and simply drain: The “no-sparge” method of mashing and lautering makes brewing easier and produces a rich, smooth, pH-stable wort.

20 result(s) found.