Beer Style: German Weiss and Weizen

Includes German wheat ales such as hefe weissbier, krystal weizen, dunkelweizen, Berliner weisse and weizenbock style recipes.

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Weihen-not Hefe

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A first wort hop recipe. While I was going for a Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier clone with this beer, I found that using just wheat and Pilsner malt lacked the malt depth when compared to the original, even when I double decocted the mash. I added some dark Munich malt and melanoidin malt to try to coax a layer of complexity which the original German hefeweizen displays. I also adjusted the hops from a low alpha acid variety, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, to the higher alpha German Magnum to minimize extraction of polyphenols considering the longer contact time with the wort.

The Brew Hut Dunkelweizen

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"The key when devising a recipe for a Dunkelweizen (or any other beer) is to make it in a manner that you believe will live up to your personal taste. That is the main reason many people homebrew.Want a hop-head Dunkelweizen? Add more hops! An Imperial Dunkelweizen? Double the extract/base grains and the bittering hops! On the other
hand, if you are one of those brewers who like to stick to a recipe, give the recipe below a try!"
– Kevin DeLange
The Brew Hut — Aurora, Colorado

Hefe-Hefe Hefeweizen

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Special congratulations to Ken for being named the 2005 Carolina Brewer of the year! Here is a German-style hefeweizen from his recipe collection.

Good Brewer Hefeweizen

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Although “bigger” than BJCP guidelines would suggest, this hefe’s extra kick is eased by crystal hops and Weihenstephan yeast. Recipe submitted by The Good Brewer out of Livermore, California.

Berliner Weisse (Napoleon’s Champagne)

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The biggest challenge to making a Berliner weisse is making a light, clean base beer, then rapidly souring it with bacteria. You need to sour the beer fairly rapidly since it’s a low gravity beer and doesn’t have a lot of alcohol to act as a preservative.

Aventinus Weizenbock clone


Weizenbock is a strong, wheat-based Bock Lager.

Allgauer Brauhaus AG’s Oberdorfer Weissbier clone

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Brewed by Allgäuer Brauhaus AG, a classic Bavarian-styled hefeweizen.

Bavarian Hefe-weizen

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For those looking for a classic bavarian-style hefeweizen, you’ve come to the right place. You can trying altering the fermentation temperature to try to bring out either more banana-like esters or more clove-like phenolics.

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