Date: November 1999

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Sleepy Bear Wassail

  5 gallons, partial mash; OG = 1.078; FG = 1.021; Bitterness = 49 IBUs Ingredients: 5 lbs. two-row pale malt 0.5 lb. chocolate malt 0.75 lb. special roast malt 5 lbs.
English and Scottish Strong Ale, Specialty and Experimental Beer, Spice, Herb and Vegetable Beer
Partial Mash

Valley Forge Winter Spruce Ale

Spruce beer was a common colonial beverage in George Washington’s time and no doubt would have been welcome during the cold winter at Valley Forge.
Specialty and Experimental Beer
Extract Only

Rosemary IPA

I have an alter ego, a secret identity, in short a day job. I’m a high-school French teacher. Pretty mundane, sometimes, but that’s one of the reasons I make my own beer.
Spice, Herb and Vegetable Beer
All Grain, Extract with Grains, Partial Mash

Choosing Hops

Hops occupy an exalted place among the building blocks that make a great beer. There’s something special about an ingredient that can make a beer bitter and give it a delicate aroma,

Find a Carboy and Fill It: How to Rack

Racking (frustraticus transferius) is one of the most valuable skills the habitual homebrewer can possess. It is a very important part of the entire process, for the sake of beer clarity and

Take Heart with Winter Warmers


These seasonal beers were traditionally served to warm the body and soul with their herbs, spices, and high alcohol content. Recipes included for spruce beer, wassail, and a brew to fight off Old Man Winter.

Take Control with Partial Mashing

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to make great homebrew without the commitment of a full mash, consider the benefits of partial mashing. For a modest investment of time and

7 result(s) found.