Date: October 1997

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Real Root Beer (hard or soft)

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Make olde time root beer with BYO! Alcohol is optional with two versions available.


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Doppelbock traces its history to a monastic brewery founded in 1634 in the Bavarian town of Munich. To sustain them during periods of religious fasting such as Lent and Advent, the Pauline monks drank a dark, sweet beer called Sankt Vater Bier or Holy Father Beer. If eating and drinking nothing but doppelbock for four

Preventing Yeast Off-flavors: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Russ Seideman Brewery:  Seidemann Brewing Co. Years of experience:  seven months Education:  BS in chemical engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison; MBA in management, Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School, Evanston, Ill. House Beers: Rio Salado Munich Export and Rio Salado Amber Altbier In general the more common off-flavors associated with yeast are phenolic and some

A Day in the Life of a Beer Judge

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One of the most common reactions I get when I mention that I’m a beer judge is, “Do you spit it out?” Actually, it takes hard work and focus to judge beer. Beer judges have a mission, which is to improve the quality of beer on every level. If judging is better, homebrewing will get

Starter Guide to Decoction Mashing

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As brewing has evolved some techniques that were once considered essential have become obsolete. Decoction mashing, however, arguably maintains  important aspects of crafting a well-respected beer. But its role has changed. In earlier days it was a necessary step in breaking down undermodified malts, which are less prevalent now. Today die-hard decoction mashers are convinced

Oatmeal Stout


Brew the beer that’s rich, smooth, and filling. Just like Mom used to make!

Specialty Grains: Caramel and Roasted Malts


While many factors create a beer’s overall flavor, the specialty grains you choose for your brew may have the biggest impact on how it is perceived. Most all-grain beer recipes consist of

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