Date: September 2003

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BruRm @ BAR’s Pale Ale clone


Toeing the line between American and British-styled pale ale, the BruRm’s pale ale is hopped with both American and British hops and fermented with a British yeast strain. It’s a thirst-quencher no matter how you classify it though.

Classic American Pale Ale


A no-fuss, classic American Pale Ale recipe, loaded with Cascade hops.

Dunkelweizen Symphony


Horst Dornbusch provides readers with a classic recipe for those looking to brew up a traditionally-styled dunkelweizen

The Role of pH


How the pH of wort and beer changes during the brewing process.

Dry Hopping Techniques


Want more hop aroma in your beer? Then try dry hopping and transport yourself to hop heaven.

Using American Hops: Tips from the Pros


Uncle Sam wants you….to brew with Cascades, Centennial, Columbus, Crystal (and perhaps some other American hops that don’t begin with the letter “C”).

Beauty and the Yeast


You make the wort. but it’s the yeast that turns it into beer. What you can do to ensure that your fungal friends get off to a fast start and finish at the proper specific gravity.

Make a Can’t Fail Pale Ale


You know it. You love it. Now the guy who wrote the book on pale ale will tell you how to brew it. Includes recipes for a classic English pale ale, a classic American pale ale and the author’s favorite brewpub pale ale. Plus: Homebrew-inspired adaptations that push the limits of the style.

8 result(s) found.