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Counterpressure Bottle Filler


Kegging is convenient. it eliminates the bottling process, and cuts out days of carbonating time. When you bring a keg to a friend’s house, however, you’re bringing a lot of beer. The

Maple Porter

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Maple Porter (5 gallons/19 L, extract with grains) OG = 1.080  FG = 1.016 IBU = 35  SRM = 40  ABV = 8.4% Ingredients 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) light malt extract syrup 2 lbs. (0.91 kg) light dried malt extract 0.25 lbs. (113 g) black malt 0.5 lbs. (0.23 kg) roasted barley 10 oz. (0.28

Get Your Yeast Straight From The Bottle

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Culturing yeast from your favorite commercial beer can be a critical step to making your clone hit its mark.

Wheats of the World

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From traditional Bavarian weisse to American wheat, six tasty ways to make refreshing wheat beer. Includes a starter recipe for your own experiments.

Create Your Own Great Porter


Do you remember the movie “Johnny Dangerously”? Johnny walks into his mother’s apartment and asks, “Whatcha cookin’ Ma?” His mother says “Beer.” Johnny replies, “With noodles, good idea.” This seemed funny at

Keep Your Brewhouse in Peak Form

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Your home brewery is much the same as many small craft- and microbreweries. You share the same goal with commercial breweries: to make good-tasting, clean beer. You are also using much of the same equipment. You might not have stainless-steel conical fermenters, bright tanks, or a real heat exchanger, but you make do with glass

The Key to Better Lager: Cornelius Kegs!

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Build this simple set-up to gain control over fermentation temperature and improve the taste of your lager.

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