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Revolution Brewing Co.’s Infinity-Hero IPA clone


Revolution calls Infinity-Hero IPA a New Generation IPA. “The whole intention of Infinity-Hero is to create more of a new-school IPA using unique hop varieties and different processes,” says Head Brewer Jim Cibak. 

Revolution Brewing Co.’s Fistmas clone


Appropriate for the season, Fistmas is a holiday beer for hopheads! “As a homebrewer, I always would do spiced ales around the holidays,” Revolution Head Brewer Jim Cibak said, “but honestly, they just wore out my palate. Fistmas goes more with Revolution’s theme of brewing hoppier beers.”

Revolution Brewing Co.’s Deth’s Tar clone


The base beer of Deth’s Tar  is an English-style imperial oatmeal stout that Revolution ages in whiskey barrels.

Revolution Brewing Co.’s Freedom of Speach clone


Revolution’s Freedom Series of fruited sour beers brings together the tartness of a lower-ABV kettle sour beer with a wide range of fruit flavors — in this case peach.

Revolution Brewing Co.’s Anti-Hero IPA clone


The flagship from Revolution Brewing and a quintessential Midwest IPA. According to Revolution’s Head Brewer Jim Cibak, the goal with Anti-Hero IPA is brewing a sessionable hoppy beer with a firm malt foundation (but not overly sweet) and layered “C-hop” flavor and aroma. A beer where there’s enough malt to balance out all the wonderful kettle and dry-hop additions you’re throwing at it. 

Brewing Up a Revolution


From a humble brewpub in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood to the largest craft brewery in Illinois, Revolution Brewing Co. has become a force of nature in the craft beer world. Leading the charge is still an IPA from those early days, but the supporting cast of hoppy ales, big beers from its barrel-aging program, and fruited sours offers something for everyone. The brewers at Revolution were more than happy to share their brewing advice so we, too, can brew beers worthy of a Revolution.

Traditional Norwegian Kveik


The process of brewing and fermenting beers with kveik yeast has been passed down for generations in parts of Norway. Chip Walton traveled to a picturesque farm in western Norway to experience the culture and brewing traditions first-hand.

American Gravøl


American Gravøl (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.080  FG = 1.018IBU = 15  SRM = 7  ABV = 8.2% This recipe is brewed in a way that I feel pays homage to

8 result(s) found.