Writer: Drew Beechum & Denny Conn

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The Sanitation Department

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Once your equipment is clean, any gear that touches your wort and beer after the boil should be sanitized. Take a walk through the various ways homebrewers can achieve sanitation.

Cleaning Action: An ounce (28 g) of prevention

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Anyone who has homebrewed long enough knows we’re just janitors with benefits. Make sure that you are doing a good job of keeping your brewing equipment clean.

Playing With Extract: Sometimes simple can be better

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When an experienced homebrewer uses malt extracts, opportunities abound in terms of the beer’s potential. Denny and Drew have some tricks for those looking to save time on brew day.

Lazy Day Blonde Ale

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This is the lightest, and simplest, extract beer we’ve ever made. You can get in and out and have a tasty beer in no time flat. What kind of beer? The beer-flavored variety, naturally.

Into The Cider House: When fall calls, we pick up

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As the days get noticeably shorter many homebrewers around the world start to think about making hard cider. Find some pointers on getting the most from this year’s apple harvest.

Thinking Brew-In-A-Bag: Helpful tips for this style of brewing

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The popularity of brew-in-a-bag type brewing systems has exploded over the last five years. Denny and Drew look at some factors to make the most of your brew day when using this style of system.

Gluten Reducing: Taking control of this protein

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Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are two related but distinct conditions. Beer fans in one of these camps need to take special precautions when looking to enjoy a cold one. Get some help for brewing a gluten-reduced beer.

Packaging From A Keg: Considerations for beer on the go


With a lot of homebrewers kegging their beer and serving it on draft, mobility of their beer is limited. Denny and Drew discuss considerations and options for those that want to package some of their kegged homebrew to take out of
their house.

Love What You Do: Stop worrying and enjoy the brew

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Most homebrewers know the Charlie Papazian saying, “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew.” But many of us don’t necessarily follow that dogma. Denny and Drew want to change that.

Packaging Beer: Practical tips to minimize problems

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Packaging your beer at its best means it isn’t negatively impacted in the process. Make sure every homebrew you package is minimally affected no matter what method you use.

Myth Busting

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Half truths, misunderstood principles, untested theories, and wild guesses often become taken as facts when repeated enough times. You’ll find them on brewing message boards, in literature, and in conversation.
That doesn’t make them true. Let’s bust these myths.

Equipment Calibration: Tuning up your gear

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What good is a thermometer if it is telling you the wrong information? Make sure you can trust your equipment by keeping it calibrated.

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