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Fourpure Brewery’s Juicebox Citrus IPA clone


Juicebox is a citrus IPA packed full of orange zest and aromatic hops and is packaged by Fourpure in kegs and cans. As the essential oils are held in suspension, it’s best drunk fresh!

The Kernel Brewery’s Export India Porter clone


This recipe is based on some of the Barclay Perkins (1855) and Whitbread (1856) porters that were sent out to India nearly two hundred years ago. Of course, elements of the ingredients, equipment, and processes are different, and tastes have also changed over time, so in keeping with The Kernel’s philosophy, they have made a beer that contemporary beer drinkers want to drink, rather than a blindly faithful copy of a 19th century recipe.

Weird Beard Brew Co.’s Black Perle Coffee Milk Stout clone


Black Perle is one of the first beers Weird Beard produced commercially and still forms part of their core range in bottles and traditional cask. It takes its name from German Perle with which it is single-hopped. It’s a sweet stout with a rich coffee backbone.

Wild Card Brewery’s King of Hearts Blonde clone


This is a slightly modified version of the recipe for King of Hearts, one of Wild Card’s core range of beers. It’s a light and refreshing pale beer with fresh aromas and a clean finish.

Brew Con London: Facing A Shining Future – Last Call


. . . on a crisp, London-gray, November day, more than 500 amateur brewers headed to a warehouse venue in Bethnal Green for the inaugural Brew Con London.

London Calling


London has long been a place where people come together from across the globe to nurture novel ideas and create powerful movements. Influenced by European tradition, American innovation, and the rich diversity

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