Date: August 1997

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Rye, the most distinctive of grains, conjures up strong reactions. Some beer enthusiasts prefer their rye bread with pastrami and a dollop of mustard while others prefer it on someone else’s plate.

Effective Lautering: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Mikoli Weaver Education:  BS in food and science bio-chemistry from Universtiy of Washington; degree from Instituto di Cucina e Science, Tuscany To effectively lauter you need to effectively mash. Make sure

Build a Carboy Cleaner


One of my two Kiwi sons-in-law, Luke, got me started in homebrewing when he and my daughter were here for an extended visit. When they returned to New Zealand, I found that

Practical Guide to Filtration


One of the first differences beginning brewers may notice between their creations and commercial beer is clarity — or a lack thereof. I can remember when I’d sometimes run across a slightly



Thick leather belts rhythmically rattle sturdy, dust laden, story-striding machinery into action. Iron clogs clatter. Ancient pulleys wheeze. There is a sweet smell in the air. The atmosphere is Victorian. This is

Dry Hopping for Great Aroma


If you want your beer’s hop nose to knock your socks off, maybe it’s time to try dry hopping. Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to beer at some point

Tropical Punch Red Ale


You maybe drinking the Kool-Aid after this one (don’t worry, there is no artificial drink mix required in this recipe, only fresh tropical fruit). Tropical fruit paired with tropical hops make for a complex beer with lots of fruit aroma and flavor going on.

Make Your Own Malt


Become a maltser to take your homebrew one step closer to 100 percent homemade.

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