Date: February 1997

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I have had some memorable experiences with beer, and some of the best have been with my wife, Elizabeth: drinking bitter and playing gin rummy at Spinnaker’s (she cheats!); smuggling bottles of Ballard Bitter onto the inter-island ferry in the San Juans; and simply watching her expression when she takes the first taste of my

Specialty Grains: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Tim Schwartz Brewery:  Bitter End Brewing, Austin, Texas Years of Experience:  Two Education: Five years homebrewing House Beers: EZ Wheat, Bitter End Bitter, Aberdeen Amber, Austin Pale Ale, Hammerhead Porter, and Sledgehammer Stout The first consideration when using specialty grains is figuring out what type of beer you want. We know what our brewhouse

Brew Beer that Matches Your Water

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Once upon a time, brewers created beer styles by matching local ingredients. Hops were scarce in rocky Scotland, so Scottish ales are malty and lightly hopped. Local microflora in certain valleys in Belgium gave unique and interesting flavors to beer and became incorporated as the most important contributor to the lambic beer styles. Today, malted

Start Your Own Brewery


Three industry insiders offer advice on opening and running a successful microbrewery or brewpub.

Brewing with Coffee

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It’s just one of those things, I suppose, but the combination of beer and coffee, for me, is among the most intriguing possibilities in the world. Ideally my day is divided into two sections: the coffee section (weekdays from awakening until about 4 p.m., weekends until about 2 p.m.) and the beer section (I never

Lager: Pale Pilsner to Malty Munich

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A Step-by-step guide to brewing great lagers. Recipes included!

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