Date: March-April 2004

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La Conner Brewing Co.’s Pilsner clone

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Two continental Pilsner malts lay the foundation for the Washington-brewed Pilsner lager and noble hops round out the profile.

Build a Keg Lid Carbonator: Projects

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Keg it and carbonate it quick with this handy device you can make.


Brewing with Potatoes


Both corn and rice are used as starchy adjuncts by brewers worldwide. These adjuncts boost the strength of a beer without increasing its body. Corn and rice also dilute the protein content of wort. As adventurous homebrewers, there is another common starchy food we can use as an adjunct — potatoes.


Lack of head

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foam is one of those things that seems to come magically when things are going right. Just as it can come without doing anything special it can also be frustratingly absent even when trying to lure it atop of a brew. The foam formula is really simple; you need to have foam-positive proteins and carbonation

Using Brewing Sugars: Tips from the Pros

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Got a sweet tooth? If so, then the mere mention of sugar probably sends an anticipatory tingle through your limbs. Brewing sugars on the other hand play a role in beermaking that every serious homebrewer should learn. So relax, grab some Easter candy and discover how sugar makes for one sweet brew!

Brewing Sugars & How To Use Them


Sugars add strength to beer without bulking up the body. John Palmer conducts a survey of sweetness to help you choose when to use sugar and which sugar to use. From Belgian candi sugar to xylose, it’s all here.

Choose The Right Yeast For Your Beer


We spend a lot of time classifying beer into certain styles, such as American pale ale and European dark lager. The yeast a brewer selects plays a big part in defining the flavor and aroma of most beer styles. In this article, we’ll take a look at different types of yeast and how they influence the beers we brew with them.

Kick Up Your Extract Kit

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Beer kits are a popular choice for many homebrewers. But many kit makers may wish to start brewing “Outside the box.” We’ll take a cue from a famous TV chef and show you how to kick up your kit a notch.

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