Date: May 1997

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Oud Bruin


At one time “sour brown ale” probably described most of what was being served in the local tavern. Beers were brown because the malting of barley was as yet an inexact science,

Brewing a Pale Beer with Extract: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Don Gortemiller Brewery:  Pacific Coast Brewing Co., Oakland, Calif. Years of experience:  Nine Education:  BS in physiology from University of California, Berkeley House Beers: Gray Whale (pale ale), Blue Whale (strong,

Troubleshooting a Stuck Sparge


The flow of the sweet wort slows to a trickle and the start of the boil is pushed later and later into the day. When night falls, all your friends leave you

Build a Beer Engine


  A group of beer aficionados and their significant others gathered recently to test drive the sleek design of the newly released Fogarty Homebrew Home-Built Beer Engine for the 1997 model year.

Enjoy the Real Thing: Cask-Conditioned Ale


Homebrewers are the luckiest people. They get to make their own beer however they want it — and store it and serve it however they want it, too. If you are a

The Art of Presentation


Did you ever wonder why there’s no blue food? Think about it. Green pasta, red tomato sauce, brown cookies, orange cheese, yellow margarine. Manufacturers can make processed food just about any color

1997 Label Contest Winners


Magnifying glasses, pirate ships, Gen X, and sitting chickens. Check out the best from among the 1,204 entries in the second annual label contest.

Cherry Witbier


Add a nice twist to a classic witbier recipe by adding a fruit like cherries instead of orange peel. This recipe is a great starting place to build your own unique witbier recipe.

8 result(s) found.