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Brewing Weiss: Tips from the Pros


A Winner’s View of Weiss Brewer:  Ryan Ashley Brewery:  Mickey Finn’s, Libertyville, Ill. Years of experience: 10 years homebrewing, five years professional House Beers: Main Street Wheat Ale, Abana Amber Ale, Five-Springs

Brewing with Coffee: Tips from the Pros


Finding balance with coffee beer

Winning Competitions: Tips from the Pros


Three brewers who won medals at the Great American Beer Festival give us the inside scoop to competing in—and winning—homebrew competitions. Jack Harris Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery Boulder, Colo. The Great

Sanitation: Tips from the Pros


Kurt Widmer Widmer Brewing The three things brewers should not forget when it comes to sanitation are: Looking clean is not equivalent to actually being clean or sanitary. There’s no replacement for

Mashing Programs: Tips from the Pros


 Jay Misson Mountain Valley Brewery We do single step mash. Soon we’ll have a system that is capable of decoction and temperature program (also known as step or upward infussion) mashing. At

Brown Ale


The Beer that Makes Judges Tremble



Brew Now for Oktoberfest

Recipe Formulation: Tips from the Pros


Creating your own recipe can be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of homebrewing. It takes creativity, a bit of daring, and a basic understanding of the brewing process. Three

Picking the Right Yeast: Tips from the Pros


Grant Johnston Marin Brewing Co., Larkspur, California Grant Johnston looks first for a yeast with “great flavor.” When formulating a new beer, he works around the flavor of the yeast he is

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