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Denny’s Generic West Coast IPA


You want a clear, refreshing beer with a bracing bitterness and loads of hop flavor and aroma. No thick, low bitterness beers that taste like orange juice.

Denny’s American Mild (Final Version, #8)


Denny has been working on a recipe for an American mild ale for several years. The objective was to make a beer with the qualities of a British mild (malt character, low integrated hop flavor, body, 1.035 OG, under 4% alcohol) but with only American ingredients.

Denny’s Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter


Denny wanted to make a beer to give to friends for Christmas. Normally that would be a barrel-aged something or other, but time was short and he didn’t have a barrel anyway! So he thought about what a Bourbon barrel might bring to a porter. And voila!

Fast Lagers: Ferment Your Favorite Lagers in Less Time


When I was a new homebrewer, I think I was like pretty much every other new homebrewer. The thrill of making beer for yourself overwhelmed me and I wanted to brew pretty

Czech Dunkel Recipe


A smooth drinking Dunkel, brewed using The Brülosophy Method of fast lager fermentations.

Denny Conn’s Cream Swill (Cream Ale)


Denny says, “This turns out so well as a mini-mash beer that I’ve never been tempted to come up with an all-grain version.”

Cheap and Easy Batch Sparging


Getting into all-grain brewing can be simple. For little more than the cost of a picnic cooler, you can build a simple mash/lauter tun. And, if you use batch sparging, your brew days can be fast and easy. We’ll show you how to build the necessary equipment and how to use it.

7 result(s) found.