Writer: Jamil Zainasheff

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American Blonde Ale


It’s true that some gentlemen prefer blondes, and lots of homebrewers do, too. Brush up on the methods for making easy-drinking American blonde ales.

Winter Spiced Ales


One of the best things about a white Christmas is the dark, spiced holiday ales that go along with it. Learn how to brew a wonderful winter warmer.

American Amber Ale


America is known for its amber waves of grain…and also for its amber ales. Find out how to brew this modern classic.

Foreign Extra Stout


Beer selection in the tropics is limited, but it isn’t limited to just cookie-cutter yellow lagers. If you don’t want fizz-water with a lime in it, grab a foreign extra stout. We’ll show you how to brew one.

Belgian Witbier


Witbier nearly went extinct after the Second World War, but now — thanks mostly to Pierre Celis — the style is roaring back. Learn the ingredients and methods to brew this cloudy, tangy, spicy brew.

Ordinary Bitter


Ordinary bitter is neither ordinary nor bitter – our new Style columnist will discuss the best way to brew this British session ale at home.

174 result(s) found.