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Reinheitsgebot: Behind the German Beer Purity Law

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The Reinheitsgebot is more than an ad slogan. It’s a historical document that says a lot about the development of German-style brewing.

Take Control with Partial Mashing

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If you are looking for a sure-fire way to make great homebrew without the commitment of a full mash, consider the benefits of partial mashing. For a modest investment of time and very little in the way of equipment, you can get the flexibility and quality benefits of mashing with the convenience of extract brewing.

A Taste of the Pro’s Life

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Many a homebrewer has dreamed of making beer for a living, but Cohen says, “Eighty percent of the job is cleaning. Maybe more…

Just Fine!

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If you have a batch of beer that just won’t clear, all is not lost. Use one of these fining agents.

Wort’s Up! Hawaii Homebrewers

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Hawaii is the perfect place to hang loose with a homebrew. And the members of HOPS, the homebrew club on the island of Oahu, know how to do it right. Its full name evokes images of swaying palms, hula skirts, red sunsets and a warm ocean breeze: Homebrewers on Pacific Shores. Cindy Goldstein, who has

United We Brew: Cool Homebrew Clubs

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All over the world, homebrewers gather to brew, drink, chat, learn and have some fun in that simple vehicle of camaraderie, the club.

Brewing for Special Occasions

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Toasting a special occasion with an adult beverage of your choice is a time-honored tradition. Homebrewers, of course, have the advantage of toasting their special events with really special beverages — homemade ones. But some homebrewers take it to the next level, creating special versions of their favorite homebrews expressly for an important celebration. What

Sierra Nevada Brewmaster

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Steve Dresler just may have the perfect job as brewmaster of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, Calif.

Lambic: Brewing with Bacteria

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    Homebrewer Wanted: Must be willing to risk contamination of entire brewery with strange and exotic microbes from faraway lands. Must be willing to wait many years to see if the beer turned out okay. Must have a strong stomach and not be bothered by slime, scum, noxious gas, and foul odors. Must possess

Build a Beer Engine

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  A group of beer aficionados and their significant others gathered recently to test drive the sleek design of the newly released Fogarty Homebrew Home-Built Beer Engine for the 1997 model year. Only one prototype has been built, but the design is so elegant and oh so sexy that predictions are flying that a fleet

Enjoy the Real Thing: Cask-Conditioned Ale

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Homebrewers are the luckiest people. They get to make their own beer however they want it — and store it and serve it however they want it, too. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool English ale fanatic, you can naturally condition your beer in the keg and drink a pretty darn reasonable facsimile of the real

Start Your Own Brewery


Three industry insiders offer advice on opening and running a successful microbrewery or brewpub.

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