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Bulk Up Your Sparge Technique

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Eliminate the need to balance inflow and outflow by sparging with a batch method. It may take the same amount of time as traditional trickle-method sparging, but it requires much less maintenance.

Oysters and Stout

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He was a bold man, who first ate an oyster,” so the quote goes. The words have been attributed to Jonathan Swift, Dean Swift, and King James I. Whoever coined it, said it well. Hunger will possess creatures to eat just about anything. Since that first undocumented experiment, oysters have become the passion of the

Head Games

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A nitrogen injection can put a little Dublin in your brew.

Confessions of a Breakfast Cereal Brewer

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If you asked me “Why brew with Grape-nuts?” I might answer: “Why not?” More important, when rearranged the letters in “Grape-nuts,” spell “sparge-tun.” But I would probably think a bit longer and tell you the truth: I was perusing Michael Jackson books recently and read his description of the Russian brew kvass, made from bread.

Stout-Hearted in Ireland

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Take a Private Tour of the Guinness Brewery. Homebrewers Only!

Revolutionary Brewing

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Imagine the scene: a dimly-lit, chilly tavern in 18th century Boston, Philadelphia, or perhaps New York. The fire is blazing, occasionally sending cascades of spark and flame rocketing onto the hearth, almost in unison with the fiery rhetoric of revolution being whispered in hushed tones in a dark corner of the room. Clouds of Virginia

Keep Cool for Summer Brewing

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Five easy ways to cool your fermenting brew and other chilly advice to beat the summer heat.

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