Writer: Scott Russell

Become a Homebrew Judge

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The Beer Judge Certification Program does more than make you an ace beer taster.  It helps you learn more about styles, the brewing process, and beer faults — knowledge that will help you make your own beer better.

Grow Your Own Hops

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Put even more home into your homebrew. The ultimate for brewers who like to garden: Step-by-step instructions for planting, cultivating, and picking hops, as well as easy techniques for drying.

Spicy Ideas to Add Zest to Your Brew

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Check out the spice rack to put a spin on your beer. Try one of these hot recipes, or use the guidelines to explore uncharted territory.

Cherry Witbier


Add a nice twist to a classic witbier recipe by adding a fruit like cherries instead of orange peel. This recipe is a great starting place to build your own unique witbier recipe.

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