Date: October 2002

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Lakefront Brewery: Eastside Dark clone

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This Bavarian dark lager is a blend of three specialty grains, creating a rich, smooth, dark beer that anyone can enjoy.

Brewpots made from other materials than stainless-steel

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A pot really only needs to satisfy a few simple requirements to become a qualified brew pot. For starters, it ought not to leak — a leaky kettle is a problem. A good candidate for the job should also be large enough to hold a whole batch of wort. In your case, that means 5.5

Pectic enzyme in fruit beer recipes


This question reminds me of one of the goofiest names I ever gave a batch of beer — Strawberry Fields For Alever. It was a wheat beer with strawberries added after primary

Build a Clean-in-Place Device: Projects

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Tired of scrubbing your carboys? This project will do the work for you.

Fermentation Chemistry

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Find out the details of what happens when yeast meets wort and learn why you should care as a brewer.

Aeration: Tips from the Pros

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Learn about aerating your wort from three professional brewers.

The Split Wort Increased Gravity (SWIG) Method

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Brew more beer in less time — make two styles from one mash with the Split Wort of Increased Gravity method.

Boil Hops, Not Extract

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Boost your bitterness and control your color by boiling the hops first and adding the malt extract later.

Lighten Up Your Extract Brews!

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Not enough pale in your ale? Too much dunkel in your weizen? Well, lighten up! Here’s help for extract brewers who’d like their beer to turn a whiter shade of pale.

Beer the Partial-Mash Way

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Expand your extract brewing horizons by learning how to use small amounts of base malts in a partial mash.

Beer on a Plate

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A shrimp appetizer, German potato salad and porterhouse steak — this great meal can be made by cooking with beer!

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