Date: October 2010

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National Public Radio’s “On Point” Beer Recipes


On Friday, October 1, 2010, BYO Publisher Brad Ring joined a panel of homebrewing enthusiasts for a discussion about homebrewing on National Public Radio’s “On Point” radio show. Listen to the show

Pacific Coast Brewing Co.’s Megalodon Imperial IPA clone


West-coast IPAs are known for two things, huge hop character and a dry finish. Here is an extract-based recipe for those looking to create a big west-coast IPA without the hassle of an all-grain brewday. Pacific Brewing Co. may no longer be brewing beer, but the legacy of Megalodon lives on.

Uncommon Common – California Common


Anchor Brewing Company has always been very generous to homebrewers. This recipe by Jamil Zainasheff makes a beer similar in flavor to Anchor Steam, but a bit bigger in mouthfeel, hops and malt flavors. If you want a beer a bit drier and more like Anchor Steam, eliminate the Munich, Victory and pale chocolate malts.

The Jitters Coffee-Chocolate Stout


This chocolate coffee stout recipe was created and brewed by BYO’s Dave Green for a special live tasting on National Public Radio’s daily show “On Point” on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Practically Perfect Peach (Peach Wheat)


Beer brewed by BYO’s Dave Green, which was tasted live by Brad Ring on National Public Radio’s daily show "On Point" on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Extract Brew Day: A Pictorial Guide


Whether new to homebrewing or just curious how other brewers approach their brew day, a picture can be worth a thousand words. So, grab a homebrew and check out our pictorial guide to an extract brew day.

Pineapple Brewing


Know what causes gushers? The Wiz does.

California Common


The beer style California Common is typified, but not defined, by Anchor Steam. Learn how to brew a common or uncommon common.

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