Date: September 1999

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Krausen removal


The topic of kräusen removal is not discussed much in commercial brewing circles because most modern fermenters are not designed to remove kräusen. And it is frequently the case that “blow over”

Storing crushed grains


The key to storing grain is keeping it dry. Whenever crushed grain is left to sit around, it begins to take up moisture from the air. Most malts have a moisture content

How To Keep Your Wine Yeast Healthy


 Yeast cells, far from being just another ingredient to be
tossed into the pot, are living, breathing organisms that need certain
things to function properly. 



Partial mash with honey and fruit juice.

Simple Tests You Can Perform at Home


One key to success for professional brewers is consistency. A commercial product must be consistent and consistently good (contamination free).  Most professional brewers have access to a laboratory for testing their products

Easy Tips for Better Lautering


Imagine a 10-foot laurel hedge, fairly open and loose. Not carefully groomed. Then imagine a steady, soft breeze blowing a pallet of Styrofoam peanuts through it. If the breeze changes or stops,

10 Keys to Great Lager


Getting started in the world of homebrewing doesn’t have to be limited to brewing ales. Lagers can be fun and easy as long as you remember to be patient, control the temperature, and master a few other tricks.

A Taste of the Pro’s Life


Many a homebrewer has dreamed of making beer for a living, but Cohen says, “Eighty percent of the job is cleaning. Maybe more…

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