Beer Style: Belgian Blond and Pale Ales

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Sucro-licious Belgian

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Sugar selection can completely change the impression of a Belgian beer. Some dubbels are little more than Belgian blondes with dark candi syrup instead of pure sucrose. This recipe from Michael Tonsmeire leaves it up to the brewer to decide which sugar-type to determine the final beer’s character.

Spencer Trappist Ale clone

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The first beer released by the first and only American Trappist brewery, The Spencer Brewery located in Spencer, Massachusetts. This beer was designed to mirror the patersbiers (“fathers’ beer” in Flemish) found in Belgium. They have since released a full line-up of beers, but their original Belgian-style pale ale is something to be savored. Find the recipe here.

Belgian Blond: Style Profile


I was recently in Belgium and, as always, beer was a significant part of the experience. One of the wonderful things about traveling in Belgium is experiencing the wide array of beers,

Steam-Powered Belgian Brews

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A brewery in Belgium is a living museum.

Big Belly Belgian Blonde

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Austin Powers claimed that "Danger" was his middle name. After seeing our procedures, you may think we should have named this beer after him. However, once you get your first taste of it, you’ll be yelling one of Fat Bastard’s most memorable lines — "Get in my belly!

De Koninck clone

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A smooth, easy-drinking amber-colored Belgian Ale.

Brewing Belgian-Style Beers: Tips from the Pros

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Make the most of your Belgian-style beers with expert advice from the brewers at Ommegang, Allagash and Boulevard.

Belgian Golden

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There is no official “Belgian golden” category. Rather, it is “Belgian pale,” but this beer should not be confused with a regular pale ale of any sort. In fact if it were to be compared with anything, it would be Orval, the deep golden Trappist beer that contains the yeast recommend for fermenting ours or

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