Date: November 2003

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Butte Creek Brewing’s Winter Ale clone

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This beer is now retired. The Butte Creek Brewing Co.’s annual winter ale was technically an American Brown Ale with Fuggle hops providing a balance to the malty backbone.

End Run Mild Ale

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Frequent contributor and author Horst Dornbusch provides readers with a British mild ale recipe.

Bugs in grains

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: I am not entirely clear on your brewing process and will get to those pesky bugs in a moment. I am going to assume that you are an extract brewer using some grains. In this case it sounds like the pound of wheat malt was used in addition to some extract. I make this

Build a Carboy Dryer: Projects

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An easy-to-make device for draining and drying your carboy.

Temperature Management Science

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The theory and practice of temperature measurement in brewing.

Step Mashing Techniques

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Brewing is hard work — so why don’t you rest more often? Let us take you step by step through the process of step mashing.

Harvesting Yeast: Tips from the Pros

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You’ve probably used their yeast, so let the brewmaster from Sierra Nevada tell you how they harvest and reuse their strain.



Take your brewing light years ahead. In our guide to refractometers, we’ll show you how to measure your wort’s gravity based on how it bends light.

Brewing on Autopilot with PID Controllers

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PID controllers are a popular way to add automated control to RIMS or HERMS breweries. Discover the art and science of controlling PID controllers.

Steeping vs. Partial Mashing

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Some grains can be steeped. Others need to be mashed. Do you know the difference? You will after reading this grain guide for extract brewers.

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