Date: November 2006

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Real Ale Brewing Co’s Brewhouse Brown Ale clone


One of the original three recipes from Real Ale’s offerings when they firest started brewing Blanco, Texas in 1996. According to their website, “Simple and classic. This well-balanced ale features flavors of chocolate and toffee with a smooth, dry finish.”

King Wenceslas Dunkel


Before Czechoslovakia became home of the light Pilsners, it was in the dark. Learn how to brew a Bohemian Dunkel — the beer that was king before Czechs "saw the light."

1776 Porter


A homebrewer goes back in time to brew an authentic American Colonial-style ale. Recipe included!

Calculating Water Usage


Water, water everywhere….but how much do we need? We’ll give you the tools to calculate your predicted water usage and a quick primer on combatting chloramines.

Kräusening Techniques


Question: What’s a good thing to add to lager beer? Answer: More beer! Read this kolumn to krack the kode on kräusening.

Priming with Kräusen: Tips from the Pros


Professional brewers from Hair of the Dog Brewery and Tuckerman Brewing give some prime advice for priming and bottle conditioning with kräusen.

Priming with Sugar


If you want to fine tune your carbonation levels, you need to go beyond simply adding three-quarters of a cup of sugar to your bottling bucket. In this article, we will take you from the chemistry of sugars, to the contribution of residual carbon dioxide to getting the right level of carbonation for your homebrew.

Build a Continuous Sparging System: Projects


With one trip to the hardware store and a short build session, you can have your own homemade sparging system. We’ll go step-by-step through the parts and procedures to make this useful piece of all-grain equipment.

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