Date: October 1996

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Shawn’s Real IPA


An English-styled IPA. If you’re looking to brew a more sessionable, easy drinking IPA, here is a good recipe for you.

English Hard Cider


This cider is strong, still, and balanced, approximately 7 percent alcohol by volume.

New England Hard Cider


This cider is drier, slightly stronger, bubbly but not champagne-like, approximately 4.5 percent alcohol by volume.

Cidre Normande


This cider is light, sweet, fruity, and effervescent, approximately 3.5 percent alcohol by volume.

Chocolate Porter #47


"I’m a big porter and stout fan, and I think that I finally found the perfect porter recipe. It has a real full chocolate flavor and is quite creamy smooth."

– Jeff Atkins
Springfield, Ill.



Modern Altbier Demands Old Techniques

Experimenting with Hops: Tips from the Pros


In the last few years a wider variety of hops has become available to homebrewers. With so many to choose from, experimenting is not only easy but invaluable in bringing out the unique character of
your beer.

Pumpkin Pie Ale (partial mash)


Reddish orange in color, creamy tan head, sweet and spicy, rich and unique. Like a New England fall afternoon.

Give Your Yeast a Good Home


A little knowledge about yeast and a few easy techniques can go a long way toward improving your brew. Here’s how.

Pump Up Your Extract Brewing Skills


Why brew with malt extract? Because it’s great stuff! Tips on better brewing with today’s high-quality extracts.

Make Your Own Cider


Cider. The word has mythological overtones, especially in rural areas where it is or was made. But just what is it? What differentiates it from mere “apple juice”? After all, technically, unfermented

Head Games


A nitrogen injection can put a little Dublin in your brew.

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