Date: October 2017

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Brewing with Wheat


When it comes to brewing, barley is king. But barley isn’t the only grain in a brewer’s arsenal; there are plenty of other cereals that are integral to many classic styles, including wheat.

Brewing with Pumpkins: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer: Will Meyers, Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA In the past, when pumpkin beers took over craft beer shelves each fall, it was an array of various approaches to the same beer style. More recently, brewers have been more creative in their approach to brewing with pumpkin. Here’s advice from three brewers, who make

How do hops affect the final gravity of a beer?

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Hops do not have a significant impact on wort or beer density because the concentration of hop soluble compounds is simply too low to make much of an impact on density. In order to increase the density of 1 liter of wort by 1 ˚Plato, 0.01 kg or 10,000 mg of soluble solids must be

Brew-In-A-Bag Water Chemistry

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The first thing I do when discussing mash thickness is to calculate the liquor-to-grist ratio (water weight divided by grain weight) because this ratio is the basis for discussion related to thickness. Infusion mashes typically range from 2.5–3.0 L/kg (1.2–1.5 qts./lb.) and stirred mashes usually range from 3.0–5.0 L/kg (1.5–2.4 qts./lb.), with 5.0 L/kg (2.4


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BY THE NUMBERS OG: 1.028–1.032 FG: 1.002–1.004 SRM: 3–10 IBU: 20–30 ABV: 3.1–3.9% I hadn’t intended to write about this style now, but it’s come up as a question several times over the last month so I thought it must be topical. Usually the question is, “Under what category do I enter a grisette in

Improving Cloning Skills


Cloning — brewing a near-exact replica of a commercial beer — has a time-honored place among homebrewers. For one thing, it’s a great risk-aversion technique: If you’re brewing something new and you’re

Brewing by Ratio

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 IF YOU’VE BEEN HOMEBREWING FOR A WHILE, there’s a somewhat predictable path determining where your recipes come from: You probably brewed a pre-made kit from a homebrew shop. Then, maybe you moved on to recipes in magazines, books, or online. Next, possibly you started making adjustments to those recipes based on what you’ve learned so

Modern Meadmaking

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Mead, which is a fermented beverage made from honey, is arguably one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Vessels found in China dating back to 7000 BC have organic compounds consistent with fermented honey and rice. Mead was the revered “nectar of the gods” in ancient Greece and the “drink of kings” throughout history, though it

London Calling

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London has long been a place where people come together from across the globe to nurture novel ideas and create powerful movements. Influenced by European tradition, American innovation, and the rich diversity that only a global hub can access, over the past few years the city has witnessed the birth of countless creative breweries, and

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