Date: September 1998

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Wine Equipment Basics: Buckets and Beyond

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There’s a saying in the wine industry (and perhaps, less congenially, in the brewing industry as well) that “wine just makes itself.” Thousands of years ago, when wine was “discovered,” this was certainly true. All a nomadic hunter and gatherer had to do was to stay in one place long enough for his pit of

Brewing with Fruit: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Brook Belli Brewery:  Oaken Barrel Brewing Co. Years of experience: Pro for four years and homebrewer for four years Education:  Civil Engineering Degree at Virginia Tech, Siebel Institute Degree House Beers:  Meridian Street Lager, Big Red, Leroy Brown, Razz Wheat, Snake, Snakepit Porter What happens when your brewery grows faster than planned, when you

Pumpernickel Stout

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It is rich and dark but not black like an Irish stout. Sweeter than most stouts but with the unmistakable double tang of rye and caraway.

Cooking with Spent Grain

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To Americans, barley brings to mind just two items, beer and soup. However, in ancient times barley was a prominent, important food. It was one of the first domesticated grains and was the chief bread grain of the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. Barley was so significant that at times it even served as currency.

Multi-Grain Brewing

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Remember when all bread was white and squishy? Remember when all beer was light and bland? Just as consumers are clamoring for more flavorful beers, so too are better-tasting breads winning popularity. First it was wheat bread, then whole-wheat bread. One current favorite is multi-grain bread, made from a combination — often seven — different

Killer RIMS

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Like many homebrewers, I came to a point with my partial-mash brewing that provided great beers but didn’t allow for the full creative control of the process that I wanted. Of course the next logical step is all-grain brewing. There are numerous methods to choose from for this style of brewing, but which was right

Upgrading Your Garage Brewery

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Why waste the largest room in the house? The author turned gis into a full-fledged home brewery.

Adding Cost-Effective Equipment

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12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brewery

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