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Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery

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Craft beer lovers in the Massillon, Ohio, area scored big when corporate America let go the Founder and Owner of Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery. Learn about the brewery’s rise and one of its iconic beers, Neighbor Girl Tripel.

Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery’s Neighbor Girl Tripel clone

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Continental Pilsner malt makes up the majority of the base with a few specialty malts for character. The secret ingredient to this 8.2% ABV, 3.7 SRM tripel is a heavy-handed addition of Belgian candi sugar.

From Bootlegging to Bootstrapping: Prairie Artisan Ales

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Prairie Artisan Ales is steeped in local tradition but has also been leading the charge in pushing the limits of beer. Known for their high-ABV imperial stouts and exceptionally drinkable sour ales, Prairie has done it their own way since the start. Learn the history of Oklahoma’s largest brewery. Plus: 5 Prairie clone recipes.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Vinyl clone

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A thick and chewy barrel-aged imperial stout with a high OG and FG, and tons of flavor.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Okie clone

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In a space between a brown ale and a barleywine, Okie packs a punch delivering flavors of sweet caramel and dark toast led by the nuanced character used in the barrel-aging process.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Bomb! clone

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Bomb! is the brewery’s adjunct-driven flagship, a 12% ABV imperial stout made with ancho chiles, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and coffee.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Slush clone

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A bright red, kettle-soured ale made with strawberry and raspberry fruit puree complemented with dried sweet orange peel and dried lemon peel.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Prairie Ale clone

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The inaugural Prairie Artisan Ale, a dry, effervescent Belgian-style farmhouse saison that drinks smoothly for a beer of its size.

Blue Stallion Brewing Co.’s Dunkel clone

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The mainstay of the Blue Stallion Brewing lineup is the extremely popular Dunkel. The 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU lager showcases rich, sweet aromas with bready flavors and a hint of caramel/toffee.

Blue Stallion Brewing Co.

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Craft-brewed lagers have seen their popularity rise over the last few years in the U.S. and Lexington, Kentucky’s Blue Stallion Brewing Co. has been one to help raise that bar. Learn about their admired Munich dunkel.

Dovetail Brewery’s Vienna-Style Lager clone


One of the standouts in the core lineup from Dovetail Brewery is their Vienna-Style Lager. Dovetail employs a double decoction mash for it.

Dovetail Brewery

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Located within walking distance of Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois’ North Side, Dovetail Brewery has carved out a niche. Learn about its history and its coveted Vienna-Style Lager.

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