Writer: Steve Ruch

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Bone Idle Bitter


A schwarz’ed version of an English bitter.

Aurora (Not So) Blonde Ale


One evening after a scrumptious lemon-rosemary chicken meal prepared by my wife, Raven, we got to talking about what kind of beer would go with lemon and rosemary and this recipe was the result. The original version of this recipe appeared in the JAN/FEB 2006 issue of Brew Your Own.



This recipe combines the grain bill of my schwarzbier recipe with the yeast and hop bill of my Pilsner recipe.

To Be Schwarzed IPA


This was my first attempt at an American black IPA and I figured I should go big with the hops. I love this particular hop combo, but whatever your favorite is would work as well.

Brewing with Alternative Rice Forms


Seeking a crispness to a beer style with the addition of rice? Save time by skipping the cereal mash and use an alternative like flaked, malted, or extract rice.

Ricey Saison


A saison made with rice malt or dry rice extract.

Paint it Black IPA


A black IPA made with rice malt.

Making Dark Versions of Pale Beers


A recent trend over the past few years in craft and homebrewing is making dark or black versions of pale colored beers; the first, and still most popular, being IPA. Recently I

8 result(s) found.