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Hop Water


Hop water is the perfect beverage for those times where you can’t drink alcohol but still need your hop fix. Learn the secrets to brewing a great hop water with basic ingredients and equipment homebrewers are sure to have on hand.

Hop Water Recipe


A refreshing hop water that uses brewing yeast to maximizes flavors through the process of biotransformation.

Yes, Homebrewers Can

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Cans have become the packaging of choice for craft brewers over the past decade. More recently they have gained popularity among homebrewers as more single-can seamers hit the market. Crack open a can and take a look at home canning techniques and a comparison of systems for homebrewers.

The Perfect Crush


My summer crush began in the warmest months of 2017, shortly after quitting my corporate job to work full-time for MoreBeer! I know, most love stories don’t start with a change of

Brut IPA

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Brut IPA is the latest beer style to explode onto the craft beer scene. Learn about the bone dry IPA from a homebrewer and three pros, including the brewer who developed the hot new style. Plus: 4 brut IPA recipes.

MoreBeer! Juicy Brut

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A brut IPA from MoreBeer!

Social Kitchen and Brewery’s Puttin On the Spritz clone


A brut IPA from Social Kitchen and Brewery, the brewery who invented the dry IPA style.

Danville Brewing Co.’s Brutus clone

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A brut IPA from Danville Brewing Co.

Barebottle Brewing Co.’s Mt. Brutus clone

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A brut IPA from Barebottle Brewing Co.

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