Beer Style: Pilsner Family

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The Beers of Franconia, Germany

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Nestled in northern Bavaria, this  region of Germany is home to a startling diversity of beer styles.

Bitburger Premium clone


Ahh, Bitburger. It’s a long-time favorite of U.S. servicemen stationed in Germany. This beer is made in the town of Bitburg in the Eifel Lake region of Germany’s Rhineland. Bright gold in color, with a flashy carbonation and lasting pearly-white head, “Bit” is a classic northern German and Scandinavian style pilsner. All-malt Bitburger uses a proprietary yeast strain that gives the beer a super-clean finish.

Charlie’s Gouden-Plenty Pils

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Licorice root provides a refreshing herbal spice for this Pilsner base beer.

Brewing Pilsner: Tips from the Pros

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The challenge is to preserve the simple, clean, delicate flavor of the pilsner malt.

European Pilsner

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In 1922, American journalist and writer H. L. Mencken was touring Europe. Twenty years later he wrote, “Two days later, Torovsky and I actually started on a pilgrimage to Pilsen, the home of the best beer in the earth and hence one of the great shrines of the human race. There, Torovsky did some more

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