Date: November 1996

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JM’s Peach Ginger Lager


A basic Lager, with honey, peaches, and fresh ginger.



Beer styles never seem to die out completely, although occasionally they’ve come close. One of the best Lazarus acts yet has been the Belgian witbier (known as Biere Blanche among the French

Force Carbonation: Tips from the Pros


Force carbonation is fast, easy, and exact, and requires minimal equipment.

Cranberry Cream Ale


For a tart twist on a cream ale, the addition of cranberries will provide an astringency and acidity and can play nicely in this style.

Build an Electric Mash Stirrer


I have been brewing beer since 1984 and each batch was different in one way or another. The changes were made in an attempt to improve on the last brew. Several years

16th Century Homebrewers


Brewing takes on an historical flavor for members of the Mag Mor Brewers Guild, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Members of the SCA adopt personas, or characters, from the

Oysters and Stout


He was a bold man, who first ate an oyster,” so the quote goes. The words have been attributed to Jonathan Swift, Dean Swift, and King James I. Whoever coined it, said

Tap into Kegging


One of the most enjoyable ways to serve beer is with a kegging setup using soda canisters. Besides the advantages of kegging, having real draft on tap is a lot of fun.

8 result(s) found.