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Sparkling Cyser


A thirst-quenching but deceptively strong sparkling brew. Darker than most, because of the cider. Serve chilled.

Still of the Night Mead


A light, still straight mead, similar to a sweet white wine. Perfect as an aperitif or with dessert.

Simple Simon (Gluten Free)


Another sorghum recipe…

Mountain Brew


Jason Pavento wanted to combine his two favorite beverages, homebrew and Mountain Dew. His creation — Mountain Brew — does just that. We’ve fiddled with his procedures a bit, based on our own experimentation, but the ingredients are the same as his original recipe. The beer turns out light and crisp, with some aroma, but not much flavor from the Mountain Dew. And, in case you’re wondering, neither the preservatives or the caffeine seem to bother the yeast. Mountain Brew is also a very easy to make. So, to mangle a phrase from their ads — just brew it!

Jolly Rancher Apple Lambic


Jolly Rancher Apple lambic is a dry, sour beer with the flavor and aroma of Granny Smith apples coming from Jolly Rancher hard candies. This latest version of the recipe is based on the results of three brewings. For best results, let the beer age warm for at least three months.

BJ’s Millennium Ale clone


A big Belgian tripel from a California brewpub originally brewed for Y2K.

Valley Forge Winter Spruce Ale


Spruce beer was a common colonial beverage in George Washington’s time and no doubt would have been welcome during the cold winter at Valley Forge.

Allgauer Brauhaus AG’s Oberdorfer Weissbier clone


Brewed by Allgäuer Brauhaus AG, a classic Bavarian-styled hefeweizen.

188 result(s) found.