Date: January-February 2017

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Fast Lager Experiment: Traditional vs. Quick Fermentation


Many homebrewers avoid making lager styles due to how convoluted and time consuming the process is. In addition to recommendations calling for yeast pitch rates nearly double that needed for ales, step

Outdoor Ventilation Fan


If you are put off by the loud noise of a ventilation fan in your basement brewery, install the fan outside the basement and brew in peace.

Market Garden Brewery’s Progress Pilsner clone


Progress Pilsner, created in the style of a German Pilsner, is one of three year-round beers at Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Indeed Brewing Company: Mexican Honey Imperial Lager clone


This golden-yellow lager with a subtle malt backbone is packed with floral notes of orange blossom and citrus thanks to the use of Mexican orange blossom honey. It has a bright hop flavor and features notes of graham cracker and honeycomb.

Flying Dog Brewery: Numero Uno clone


Numero Uno is Flying Dog’s summer seasonal release. Flaked maize makes up one-third of the malt bill and highlights the distinctive corn and cracker flavor traditionally found in Mexican lagers.

Epic Brewing Company: Los Locos clone


Inspired by the Mexican cuisine at chef Troy Guard’s Los Chingones restaurant in Denver, Colorado, Los Locos is a sessionable, refreshing lager brewed with corn, natural lime juice, and just a hint of salt. An excellent pairing with any spicy Mexican dish. “Los Locos is the spirit of summer in a can. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for enjoying on the hammock or with your friends at a raging pachanga,” said Kevin Crompton, Epic’s Brewmaster.

Brewing Day Priorities


You aren’t running a craft brewery out of your basement (yet), so why brew like one? The schedules and finances of commercial breweries mean that they emphasize extraction efficiency, consistency, and speed.

Ventilation: Proper Airflow in your Homebrewery


Having grown up in Northern Iowa I’ve always liked the cold winters, crisp air, and a blanket of snow covering the ground. Northern Indiana, where I live now, isn’t quite as cold

Brewing South of the Border Cerveza Mexican-Style Lagers


They seem to be everywhere these days. And I’m not just talking about a certain clear-glassed bottle with a lime sticking out of it. More and more, we’re seeing craft breweries producing

Fast Lagers: Ferment Your Favorite Lagers in Less Time


When I was a new homebrewer, I think I was like pretty much every other new homebrewer. The thrill of making beer for yourself overwhelmed me and I wanted to brew pretty

Pinning Down Pilsner


The word “Pilsner” conjures images of beautiful German women in Dirndls delivering multiple liters of fresh-brewed paradise to groups of anxiously awaiting patrons. No doubt, German brewers were integral in crafting this

Irish Extra Stout


Irish extra stout fits between the Irish stout and foreign extra stout in terms of strength and flavor intensity, but it is actually the style that is most similar to historical porters.

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