Writer: Gordon Strong

Gordon Strong’s Belgian Dark Strong Ale

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I’m presenting a fairly complex recipe that uses layers of malt flavor to build a solid base that displays the yeast character well.

Belgian Dark Strong Ale: A quad by any other name

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For those that love big, bold Trappist-style beers, the Belgian dark strong ale is the pinnacle. Learn some of the secrets to crafting a version of this style that would make a monk sing.

Brewing with Reverse Osmosis Water

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You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” – W.C. Fields. Over the years, I’ve probably had more discussions, debates, and arguments with other brewers over water than just about any other topic. And I think I know why. It’s a fairly advanced topic that requires some scientific understanding, but also

German Weiss: Weissbier in the south, Hefeweizen in the north

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Outside of American IPAs, German weissbiers seem to garner the most questions from our readers about brewing strategies. Gordon Strong gives some clear advice to those looking to brew this hazy style.

Gordon Strong’s Weissbier

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The deceptive thing about making weissbier is that the recipe often looks simple. However, there are a few control points and recipe choices that make a big difference: The grist, the mash schedule, the yeast, and the fermentation schedule.

Dark Mild: I’m mad about mild

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Mild ales have a long and rich brewing history in England. Learn about its path to the modern take on the style and how to brew a top-quality mild in your homebrewery.

Gordon Strong’s Dark Mild Ale

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Gordon Strong provides a recipe designed with some of the best characterisitics of a dark mild ale after judging the category at the 2019 GABF competition.

Gordon Strong’s Baltic Porter

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My version is somewhat of a hybrid, taking inspiration from the Swedish Carnegie Porter, but making it as a lager and scaling up the strength. Specialty malts and sugars provide much of the flavor profile, while lagering provides the smoothness.

Baltic Porter: Imperial stout’s vagabond cousin

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How much do you know about Baltic porters besides where they come from? The reality is that it is a broad style of beer, produced in a diverse manner depending on where it is made. Learn some of the specifics and a recipe you can brew.

Gordon Strong’s Altbier

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In the world of beer trivia, if you mention altbier, most people know two facts: That it comes from Düsseldorf in Germany, and that “alt” means “old” in German. But it’s nothing like an English old ale . . .



This recipe is based on the gold-medal winner kellerbier Mut Lager from Cervecería Mut out of Quito, Ecuador. Special thanks to the Brewer Dora Durán for her help pulling this recipe together for the homebrew scale.

Kellerbier: The Real Lager of Germany

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While popular in its indigenous region of Germany, kellerbier has often been a poorly understood style. Gordon explores the intricacies of this Franconian “Real Lager.”

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