Date: December 2011

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Southern Tier Brewing Co.’s Crème Brûlée clone

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This inventive brew brings all the flavor of the classic hard-coated custard dessert into a creamy, dreamy beer.

The Big Chill

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For the vast majority of consumers, “lager” is synonymous with “beer” — after all, all the mass-market favorites are lagers. Advanced consumers might recognize that most beer can be categorized as either an ale or a lager, but not really understand the distinction beyond their favorite brands. Beginning brewers might know the difference has to do

Brooklyn Brewery: Brooklyn Lager clone


Brooklyn Lager is Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer. It is loosely based on the old Vienna lager style, derivations of which were popular in parts of the United States in the late 1800s. Its bitterness is snappy, with a firm malt core, and the beer is dry hopped.

Brooklyn Brewery: Brooklyn Monster Ale clone

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Discountinued in 2013, Brooklyn Monster Ale was first brewed in 1997 and was a legend in its time as one of the early American-brewed barleywines. It was midway between the old British barleywine style and more modern variants. Much of this beer’s essential character comes from the use of Maris Otter floor malts, but the residual sugar was relatively low.

Big Sky Brewing Co.’s Missoula Five-O Chocolate Coconut Imperial Porter clone

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Recipe was created by Zoo City Zymurgist member Bill Ruediger, who won the Community Brew contest hosted by Big Sky Brewing Co. The winner of the contest brews a commercial-sized batch at Big Sky. The beer’s proceeds were donated half to the brew club and half to a charity of the club’s choosing. Bill’s winning beer was inspired by a chocolate coconut porter at Maui Brewing Co. fresh off the taps. It took him eleven batches to finally find the winning combination.

Michael Pearson’s Standard American Lager

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This beer scored a 47 at the Indiana Brewers Cup, out of 1,071 entries.

Matt Welz’s German Pilsner

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Best of Show winner at the Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition (281 entries)

Dave Helt’s Schwarzbier

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Winner of the Best of Show, Drunk Monk Challenge (735 entries). Despite fermented with an ale strain of yeast, a long lagering step helps added a smooth quality to this beer

Bill Ballinger’s Munich Helles

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A Munich Helles recipes that scored a 46 out of 50 at the Indiana Brewers Cup among 1,071 entries.

Randy Scorby’s Classic Rauchbier

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Best of Show, AHA NHC (840 entries)

Paul Sangster’s Doppelbock/Eisbock

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Best of Show winner, America’s Finest City Homebrew Competition (502 entries)

Sanitizing bottles in a dishwasher

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I have heard the same pearls of bottle-washing wisdom you cite in your question. I have also heard similar suggestions made about all sorts of other bottle sanitizing practices and often find myself wrinkling my forehead thinking, “Well, what do the big boys do?” When it comes to washing and/or rinsing bottles it is indeed

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