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Brewing Irish Dry Stout: Tips from the Pros

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Don’t judge a beer by its color. Not all dark beers are heavy and high in alcohol. Dry stout (also known as Irish stout) is usually 4–5% ABV, has a light body and, as the name implies, finishes dry. Those characteristics don’t mean it lacks any flavor, though. Two pros who have been brewing some

New Hop Evaluation: Tips from the Pros

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It’s no longer a surprise to read a label of a new commercial beer release and find a hop variety you’ve never heard of before. Hop breeders are coming out with new varieties every year. It’s an exciting time to be a brewer, but it’s also hard to keep track of these breeds. Whether you

Brewing Wheat IPA: Tips from the Pros

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As IPAs became all the rage among craft beer consumers in the last decade, brewers looked to capitalize on their Humulus lupulus obsessions by adding greater amounts of hops to other beer styles. One of the popular hybrid beer styles to come from it is white IPA, which blends the hoppiness of an IPA with

Making Pre-Prohibition Beers: Tips from the Pros

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When American Prohibition started in 1920 (and earlier in some U.S. states) the doors forever closed at many American breweries. Beer styles changed after the repeal of Prohibition and many recipes were lost forever. But, a number of breweries are now trying to replicate beers from the past, and you can at home too. Brewer:

Experimental Pilot Program at Anheuser-Busch InBev

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First up was Brewmaster Rod Read’s initial crack at brewing a light India pale lager. Read referred to the bottle in front of me as a “chip beer,” meaning it had just finished lagering for 21 days on Beechwood chips and had not yet been filtered or blended at a 40-60 ratio with carbonated water

Pairing Beer and Food: Tips from the Pros

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For a long time, a wine that is served with a meal has been selected based on the foods they are accompanying. While beer used to be overlooked in many high-end dining establishments, the nuances and diversity available in beer has made it increasingly available at restaurants. And, like wine, it’s important to consider what

Expanding Equipment: Tips from the Pros

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When it comes to homebrew equipment, you can spend as much (or as little) as you’d like and still make quality beer. but there comes a point when every homebrewer decides it’s time to get bigger and better equipment. When that time comes, there are certain tools that the experts recommend, and certain tools they

Legal Homebrew Recipes from Alabama & Mississippi

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Alabama and Mississippi homebrewers celebrate as the 49th and 50th states to legalize homebrewing Craig Hendry is completing his 45-minute commute to work through interstate traffic in Jackson, Mississippi by the time 8 a.m. rolls around most Monday mornings. But this July 1 — the day a law legalizing homebrewing in the state of Mississippi

Eisbock Tips from the Pros

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Getting your hands on an eisbock in the U.S. can be difficult because of federal and state laws around distillation that limit the amount of ice commercial brewers may remove to concentrate the beer (which is considerably less than is traditionally subtracted for the style). To avoid the need for a distilling license, most American

Opening a Nanobrewery: Tips from the Pros


Three homebrewers who opened nanobreweries offer their advice on how you, too, can go pro.

Toast Ale

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A group in London is brewing with bread destined for landfills. Learn to make delicious beer while eliminating food waste.

Traditional Mead: Tips from the Pros

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Two meadmakers share their tips and procedure to make a traditional mead.

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