Date: July-August 2004

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Spoetzl Brewery: Shiner Bock clone


Shiner Bock continues to ring up awards for it’s classic Shiner Bock, having won gold at the 2012 GABF and silver in the 2017 GABF in the American-Style Amber Lager category. See if you can match Spoetzl’s brewing prowess.

Rocky River Brewing Co.’s Chocolate Jitters

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Rocky River Brewing Company: Chocolate Jitters (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.071 FG = 1.018 IBU = 21 SRM = 33 ABV = 6.9% Ingredients 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) 2-row pale malt 1 lb. (454 g) Munich malt (20 °L) 1 lb. (454 g) Munich malt (10 °L) 0.75 lb. (340 g) aromatic malt

Flying Fish Brewery Farmhouse Summer Ale clone

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Just a touch of sourness adds an extra crisp layer for this summer beer. The Styrian Golding hops provides a slight earthy and spicy character to the beer.

ID’ing wild hops

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Hop variety identification can be done the old-fashioned way of comparing pictures of hop cones of known varieties to the unknown. Although this method is not perfect, it is widely used as a starting point. I have a book on hops printed by S.S. Steiner (a major hops supplier) that contains good photos, as well

Sodium metabisulfite to clear chloramine

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This is an interesting question and I did some digging to come up with a good answer for you. Dechlorination is important to brewers for flavor reasons. Compounds called chlorophenols are formed when beer interacts with chlorine and these compounds have a fairy unpleasant aroma. Dechlori-nation is also important to municipal water authorities in the

Lager Tools and Techniques: Techniques

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There’s more to fermenting a lager than just keeping it cool. Learn the tools and techniques to make your lager a success.

Decoction Mashing Explained

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Looking to maximize your maltiness? Try boiling your mash! This age-old brewing technique is explained.

Homebrewing with Fruit: Tips from the Pros

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Summer is a great time to brew a fruit beer and our two professional brewers will help make sure your next one isn’t the pits.

Everything About Water for Extract-Based Brewing

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Water, water everywhere….but what’s an extract brewer suppossed to do with it? Get your feet wet in our guide to what extract brewers should, and shouldn’t, bother with when it comes to this all-important brewing ingredient.

Chip Off the Old Bock — The American Adaptation of Bock Beer

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Old World bockbier has a New World cousin —American bock. Once a seasonal offered by nearly every American brewery, now a year-round beer style of a few regional breweries; this beer style appears to have found a niche.

2004 Label Contest Winners

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From one-thousand entries came a varied assortment of cats, dogs, snakes, frogs and an udderly fantastic cream stout label that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. Here are the top prize winners of 2004’s best homemade labels for homemade beer…

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