Date: May 1998

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Gold Finger (James Blonde Barleywine)


This unconventional Barleywine is light in color but non-compro­mising in strength. It could also be called James Blonde.

Old Glory Barleywine

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An no-fuss, extract only Barleywine recipe.

Making Brown Malt

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Yes, you can make your own brown malt by roasting pale malt in the oven. You can also make chocolate malt and black patent malt by the same process. The difficulty in roasting your own malt is control, but it can be done if you are attentive and have a method to quickly cool the

Black Steam

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A steam beer seems like the perfect style to schwarz-up. Here is a recipe to get you there.

Hefeweizen: Mostly Cloudy

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Besides being delicious and unique, hefe-weizen is a classic show-off beer. It’s also the perfect beverage to sip on a warm day. But can you convince your friends it’s supposed to have yeast in it?

Brewing Big Barleywines

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The Cabernet Sauvignon of Beers

Body Builders: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Shaun O’Sullivan Brewery:  Steelhead Brewing Co., San Francisco Years of experience:  Four Education:  Completed brewing courses at University of California, Davis House Beers:  Blonde Pale Ale, Pier Post Stout, Hefe­-weizen, Beach Street Porter, Fort Point Strong Ale, Bombay Bomber IPA, Steelhead Amber, Razzmatazz Adding body to your beer depends on the style. Our blond

Get Your Yeast Straight From The Bottle

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Culturing yeast from your favorite commercial beer can be a critical step to making your clone hit its mark.

Design Your Own Brewer’s Garden

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Every homebrewer likes to try new recipes. The brewer who is also a gardener increases his opportunities to unite two hobbies by using home-grown produce to create new and different flavors. The vegetable or fruit ingredients for pumpkin ale, chile beer, raspberry wheat, and other libations can be grown in your own backyard. The scope

Lagering without a Refrigerator

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The possibilities for upgrading a homebrewing setup are endless. With enough cash you can purchase a pilot brewery equipped with a stainless steel mash tun and rakes to turn the mash, a brew kettle with a whirlpool, a lauter tun, a liquor back, temperature-controlled conical fermenters, and more. The list of cool homebrewing stuff never

Cooking with Homebrew

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When Timothy Schafer, chef and owner of Tim Schafer’s Cuisine in Morristown, N.J., sets out to create an elegant dish featuring beer, he starts with the beer first. “It’s not like you go, ‘chicken,’ and I go, ‘porter,’” Schafer says. “I go, ‘porter,’ and I think ‘mushrooms…rosemary…maybe chicken will go with this.’” Likewise, Tom Peters

Bavarian Hefe-weizen

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For those looking for a classic bavarian-style hefeweizen, you’ve come to the right place. You can trying altering the fermentation temperature to try to bring out either more banana-like esters or more clove-like phenolics.

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