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Temperature Controllers


One of the most important processes to control in your homebrewery is the temperature of your wort and beer. Here is a rundown on temperature controllers.

Electric Homebrew: Go gas free

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There are more than a few ways to brew a beer, and one of those ways is with an all-electric homebrewery. if you are considering moving away from propane, take some advice from two dedicated all-electric homebrewers.

Hot New Hops

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Tech companies love talking about “early adopters” — these are the people who are first to get the newest gadget, software, or trend and spread the word to the masses. The brewing industry isn’t so different from tech — new breweries open every week and thousands of new beers roll down their bottling and canning

Sir Walter Scotch Ale

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Pete Rahn, QC Supervisor at Magic Hat Brewing Co. provides a recipe to BYO from his homebrew collection. “My brother went to Scotland for a year. I brewed this Scotch ale the day he left and conditioned it for the year he was gone.”

The BISness Belgian Imperial Stout

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Kyle Larson, Brewer at Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Oregon provides a recipe to BYO from his homebrew collection.

Oatmeal Stout: Tips from the Pros

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While a glass of oatmeal stout may or may not lower your cholesterol, it’s still pretty tasty. That’s because oatmeal brings a silky texture and vanilla-esque oat flavors to the party. In this issue, we found three brewers with advice for adding some oats to your next breakfast beer. Justin Hamilton, Head Brewer, Chama River

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Raison D’etre clone

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According to Dogfish Head’s website “A deep mahogany, Belgian-style brown ale brewed with beet sugar, raisins and Belgian-style yeast.”

Beginner Bittering Basics

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If you want to make a balanced beer, you need to know something about bittering. The alpha acids in hops bring bitter flavor to your beer so that you can balance out the sweetness of the malt. Hops are generally divided into two types: bittering and aroma (although some hops can be used for both

Reading a Water Report for Beginners

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Brewing water can be pretty confusing, especially to a new homebrewer who is starting to brew all-grain batches. All you need to know in the beginning, however, is if six certain ions in your water are in the proper range, which you can easily find out from reading a water report. If you live in

Designing Your First Homebrew Recipe

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Once you feel comfortable homebrewing with pre-written recipes, it’s only natural to wonder how to formulate an original recipe of your own. With a little up-front planning and research, you can successfully start coming up with your own original beer. Decide your objective The first step toward putting together a recipe idea is to decide

Your First Homebrew Competition

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Competitions can be a fun way to learn more about brewing better homebrews — and maybe earn some bragging rights as well. If you are interested in seeing how your homebrews stack up in competition, be sure that you and your beer are as ready as possible to compete before you send in your first

Brewing with Oatmeal

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Once you get the basics of brewing with barley malt down, it is fun to start experimenting with other grains and adjuncts. In this story, Jamil Zainasheff discusses brewing oatmeal stout. If you want to try homebrewing with oatmeal, take a moment to learn a little bit about how to use it in your homebrews. What

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