Beer Style: Smoked Beer

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Brewing Smoked Beers: Tips from the Pros

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Expert advice on brewing smoked beers and smoking your malt at home.

Classic Rauchbier


This is a Bamberg-style reddish lager, sweet and substantial like a Marzen, with the distinctive smokiness of a beechwood fire.

Peat Smoked Wee Heavy

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This is a big, rich, malty and strong brew – the smoke, although present, seems restrained compared to all the other flavors.

Vermont Pub and Brewery’s Smoked Porter clone

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Vermont Pub & Brewery smokes their own malts over apple, maple, and hickory woodchips to recreate this 17th century style robust ale. You can smoke your own malts, or buy rauchmalt as an alternative.

Hot Tips for Making Great Smoked Beers

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From using extract to smoking your own malt, here’s how to do it.

Smoked Wee Heavy

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Long, slow, and cool fermentation is a crucial element for this beer, which otherwise gets too fruity and bitter; the smoked malt can develop fusel and/or sulfury notes if overdone or if fermented too warm. Hop levels are deliberately low; this beer is all about malt.


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I have had some memorable experiences with beer, and some of the best have been with my wife, Elizabeth: drinking bitter and playing gin rummy at Spinnaker’s (she cheats!); smuggling bottles of Ballard Bitter onto the inter-island ferry in the San Juans; and simply watching her expression when she takes the first taste of my

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