Date: July-August 2023

Cover image for the July-August 2023 issue of Brew Your Own magazine with brown ale as the cover story

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Desert Sear


It takes dedication and planning to brew beer in 100+ °F (38+ °C) heat, but there are homebrewers who are ready to accept that challenge.

DIY Can Seamer


The craft brew world has veered hard into packaging beer in cans and homebrewers are following suit. Check out this homebrewer’s design for a DIY can seamer that utilizes a 3-D printer to create most of the pieces

Tropical Punch IPA


The use of yeast strains specifically chosen for their thiol enhancing capabilities are becoming common. Here is a way to optimize their use.

Tropical Thirst


Thiols are all the talk in the brewing world these days. Here is an explanation of what they are and some best practices to try to express them in your brewery.

Learning From Mistakes


A skill that separates great brewers from good ones is the ability to learn from mistakes and adapt their processes to minimize repeating those mistakes in the future.

Gordon Strong’s American Pale Ale


This recipe is a modernized take of a classic American pale ale using some of my favorite ingredients.

American Pale Ale


The American pale ale will always hold a special place in the heart of any craft beer fan that lived through the 80s and 90s in the U.S. Gordon Strong takes us on a journey to explore its history and why it still remains relevant today.

2023 Beer Education Guide


Looking to advance your brewing knowledge? Check out some of the beer education programs to start your journey down the path to a higher education in beer brewing or the business of

Questioning Homebrew Recipe Design


I am one of those annoying folks who question things on a regular basis. Several years ago, I retired from the professional brewing world and moved back into the homebrewing space. One thing

Contradictory Advice, Nanobrewing Business Model, and Recipe Rantings


Process-oriented controversies and seemingly contradictory instructions are nothing new to the brewing world. Explore a few such controversies, as well as the nanobrewing business model, and the Wiz wants to discuss homebrew recipes.

Exploring the Nanobrewing Business Model


As I write this piece, I sit in a local brewery in Springfield, Missouri, called Tie & Timber, listening to music, drinking beer, and looking forward to chatting with friends after I

Sorting Through Contradictory Brewing Advice


The world of brewing is full of seemingly contradictory advice, Thomas. Thanks for asking about these two rules!  Part One: Wort Chilling  You are correct that conventional wisdom is to cool wort

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