Date: October 2022

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Titletown Brewing Company


Green Bay, Wisconsin, is most well known for its American football team, but another reason to visit is one of its local breweries. Learn about Titletown Brewing and its legendary Green 19 IPA.

Mild By Name, Mild By Nature


English mild has been around for hundreds of years, yet it can still be a difficult style to put a finger on. That may be due to no single characteristic jumping out of the glass or the fact it has undergone numerous iterations throughout history. An Englishman explains why those beyond the U.K. should be taking a closer look at the humble mild. Plus: Four mild clone recipes from the U.K.

Homebrew Chicha Beer


Homebrew Chicha Beer (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.048   FG = 1.010IBU = 0   SRM = 2   ABV = 5.1% This is a more traditional, rustic version using homemade and

Cervecería Quiteña’s Fandango clone


Cervecería Quiteña’s Fandango clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.040   FG = 1.002IBU = 0   SRM = 2   ABV = 5% My deepest thanks go to Andrés Erazo of Cervecería

Chicha Beer


Chicha beer is a modern interpretation of the historical chicha drink from the Andean region of South America that respects tradition by using elements of the historical style with modern methods and ingredients. This reimagined style is open to interpretation, but is most often brewed with corn and other ingredients native to Latin America, has a slight sourness, skips the hops, and should be drank fresh. Learn more about this rustic style and how to brew your own chicha beer.

Lautering for All-Grain Brewers


There is more to lautering than just rinsing grains with water. You need to consider the design of the mash and lauter system, grain crush, temperature, sparge volume, lauter flow, pH, and more. Take a closer look at ways to maximize the efficiency of your lauter.

Yes, Homebrewers Can


Cans have become the packaging of choice for craft brewers over the past decade. More recently they have gained popularity among homebrewers as more single-can seamers hit the market. Crack open a can and take a look at home canning techniques and a comparison of systems for homebrewers.

Cross Borders Brewing Co. & Dark Star Brewing Co.’s Intergalactic Mild clone


Cross Borders Brewing Co. & Dark Star Brewing Co.’s Intergalactic Mild clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.061  FG = 1.015IBU = 25  SRM = 22  ABV = 6.1% This recipe represents the hybrid mild.

Steam Machine Brewing Co.’s Imperial Honeyed Mild clone


Steam Machine Brewing Co.’s Imperial Honeyed Mild clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.079  FG = 1.013IBU = 32.5  SRM = 5.7  ABV = 8.7% This is a good example of a modern homage

Thornbridge Brewery & Bundobust Brewery’s Dark Mild clone


Thornbridge Brewery & Bundobust Brewery’s Dark Mild clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.039  FG = 1.010IBU = 25  SRM = 23  ABV = 3.8% A bit more chocolate malt than you’d usually see

Elusive Brewing’s Microball clone


Elusive Brewing’s Microball clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.041  FG = 1.013IBU = 16  SRM = 18  ABV = 3.7% This is a great example of how to build the grain bill

Killing It NAB


If you are looking to brew a non-alcohol beer in your home or brewery, here is recipe and directions to produce one yourself.

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