Date: March-April 2006

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Trout Anglers Clone Recipes

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In honor of the start of trout season across the country, BYO reeled in 5 trout-themed microbrew clone recipes to replicate these beers at home. A bad day fishing and brewing is better than a good day at work! We hear from Dark Horse Brewing Company, Fish Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, Steelhead Brewing Company and Trout River Brewing Company.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA clone

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This innovative IPA employs Dogfish Head’s method of adding hops continuously over the entire boil. Showcasing a big US Northwest hop bill, 60-Minute is the session beer sister of 90-Minute IPA.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.’s Summer Pils clone

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Saint Arnold Summer Pils is a Munich-style Helles with a delicate, sweet malt taste complemented by an abundant hop aroma and flavor.

Hefe-Hefe Hefeweizen

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Special congratulations to Ken for being named the 2005 Carolina Brewer of the year! Here is a German-style hefeweizen from his recipe collection.

Odell Brewing’s Cutthroat Porter clone

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This London-style porter was named after Colorado’s state fish – the Cutthroat Trout – and features a warm, rich color and roasty malt flavors.

Dark Horse Brewing’s Thirsty Trout Porter clone

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According to Dark Horse’s website, “Thirsty Trout is a rich, robust American Porter that will have you yelling “CHOCOLATE!” after the first whiff. Dark brown in color with medium to heavy body and hints of light roast. Aromas of chocolate leave way to a full mouthfeel and somewhat sweet finish to make this porter a desirable companion.”

Fish Brewing’s Fish Tale Trout Stout clone

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This beer is now retired from Fish Brewing’s line-up, but that doesn’t mean you can still brew the beer. Chocolate and coffee aromas abound with this beer.

Trout River Brewing Rainbow Red Ale clone

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A hoppy, malty Amberican-style Amber (Red) Ale.
– Lyndonville, Vermont

Tannins during a decoction

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This is a very good question that inevitably arises when knowledgeable all-grain brewers begin thinking about doing a decoction mash. The conventional rule is to mash-out at around 170 ºF (77 ºC) and not to exceed this temperature during wort collection for the reason you mention. In a traditional triple decoction mash, the mash begins

Getting the most wort from the kettle

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This is really a straight-forward and easily addressed problem if you simply add a few more minutes and one additional step to your brew day — namely whirlpooling. And I’m not suggesting that you run out to the spa for a dip in a hot tub! The whirlpool method is used in nearly all commercial

The Lowdown on Lagering


It doesn’t have to be all about ales — learn the basics of lager brewing and what cold conditioning can do for your cold-fermented brew.

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