Date: May-June 2017

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Bone Idle Bitter

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A schwarz’ed version of an English bitter.

Aurora (Not So) Blonde Ale

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One evening after a scrumptious lemon-rosemary chicken meal prepared by my wife, Raven, we got to talking about what kind of beer would go with lemon and rosemary and this recipe was the result. The original version of this recipe appeared in the JAN/FEB 2006 issue of Brew Your Own.


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This recipe combines the grain bill of my schwarzbier recipe with the yeast and hop bill of my Pilsner recipe.

To Be Schwarzed IPA

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This was my first attempt at an American black IPA and I figured I should go big with the hops. I love this particular hop combo, but whatever your favorite is would work as well.

Build a Peristaltic Pump

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Like many brewers, I have the occasional need to move liquids from one place to another (transfer wort from kettle to fermenter, or rack from fermenter to keg, etc.). There are many pumps on the market that can assist in moving liquids from place to place. Most of these pumps, such as the March or

Victory Brewing Company: Zeltbier clone

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This crisp lager is just the thing for fall weather. It boasts a balanced malt profile with an herbal, German hop profile.

Low-Dissolved Oxygen Lagers

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“I don’t know if it is a general problem to comprehend or follow instructions properly but hopefully others can break out of these habits and actually give [low dissolved oxygen brewing] a proper go!” Such was one response (following an enumeration of my seven errors) to a blogpost detailing my first lackluster batch of low

Brewing Water Adjustments


“Does your water taste good? Then it’s probably good for brewing.” That quote embodies the mantra of homebrewers for decades when it came to the fourth ingredient in beer. Good water should

Making Dark Versions of Pale Beers

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A recent trend over the past few years in craft and homebrewing is making dark or black versions of pale colored beers; the first, and still most popular, being IPA. Recently I decided that it was about time for me to jump on the bandwagon before the wave completely passed me by. Taking my queues

Evaluating Hop Profiles with SMaSH Brewing

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Over my 11 years of homebrewing, the one aspect of the hobby that has always captivated me is the myriad of ingredient descriptions for the different ingredients of beers. When I first started homebrewing, the details of the yeast, malts, and hops set my mind to thinking of the various ways these elements come together

Buying and Storing Bulk Hops

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Hops make up a small percentage of a beer recipe, but they have arguably the biggest impact on the flavor and aroma. Even stouts and darker styles, typically seen as malt-centric, require the perfect hop additions to properly accentuate and marry with the malts. Brewing the best beer requires the best hops. And when an

Choosing and Using Different Forms of Hops

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Hops have been the herb of choice to preserve and flavor beer for centuries, but only during the last several decades has there been such a wide variety of hop products available to homebrewers. For the purpose of this article, hop “cones” are the whole female flowers of the hop (Humulus lupulus), which can be

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