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Organized C.H.A.O.S.

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A homebrew club in Chicago has created a “maker” space for brewing beer — a dedicated brewhouse.

Red X Altbier

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There is a yearly Chicago Homebrew Club Competition sponsored by Bell’s Brewing called Hoptacular and this took second place in 2013, but still a C.H.A.O.S. club favorite and re-brewed several times. We have done lightly rested Bourbon Barrel versions as well.

C.H.A.O.S. County Brand Stout

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Since our club are located one mile from ground zero of where all Bourbon County Brand Stout is produced (Goose Island’s Fulton & Wood Brewery, http://www.gooseisland.com/fulton-wood.html) it is only natural that we have a homebrew recipe of our own. This recipe has been tweaked over the last four years to produce phenomenal results . . . as long as O.G. is achieved!

Carolina Brewing Company’s Groundhog Imperial Stout clone

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This Russian imperial stout is part of Carolina’s rotating offerings. It pours a deep, dark color and features a roasted, malty profile.

Midnight Sun Brewing Company: Arctic Devil Barley Wine clone

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This is an English-style barleywine brewed once each year and then aged in oak barrels several months before being released each fall.

Jack and Ken’s Ale — Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale Collaboration clone


Sierra Nevada put together this recipe in collaboration with Jack McAuliffe from New Albion Brewing (1976–1982) in Sonoma, California using raw materials available in the late 1970s. This was one of four Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Collaboration Ales.

10 Clones from the Dark Side

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For this collection of homebrew recreations of commercial beers, the lure of roasted grains was just too much and we turned to the dark side. Brew these clones you must.

Steampunk Brewing

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Like any good collaboration, Staten Island, New York neighbors Scott Van Campen and Mark Zappasodi’s “Brewing as Art” — a fully functional, gravity-fed brewing apparatus on wheels that happens to look like something from a Victorian-era horror movie set — began over beer. “We were hanging out having some beers and talking about the art

Right Brain Brewery: Black “Eye” PA clone

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Right Brain’s Black “Eye” PA is a traditional American IPA darkened with toasted malts that add chocolate notes to a classic hoppy brew. Right Brain’s offering was an early pioneer of this now-popular take on IPA.

Odell Brewing Company: Peach IPA clone

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Odell Brewing Company, in Fort Collins, Colorado brews the majority of its beers on a 50-barrel system, however brewers still put to use a 5-barrel pilot system at the brewery every week. This recipe (not to be confused with their seasonal imperial peach IPA Tree Shaker) was one of those pilot batches made available at the tasting room.

New Belgium Brewing Company: 1554 Black Lager clone

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This unique dark lager uses a recipe that was destroyed by a flood in 1997 and the recreated by the researcher Phil Benstein and New Belgium Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert, based on ancient Belgian beer texts.

Oskar Blues Brewery’s Old Chub clone

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Oskar Blues wows malt lovers with this mega-malty Scottish strong ale brewed with a variety of specialty malts (including a touch of smoked malt). It features flavors of cocoa and coffee with just a bit of smoke.

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