Beer Style: Porter

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Robust Porter

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Porter was designed with economy in mind. In 1722 brewer Ralph Harwood created a brew he called “entire” to replace the three-beer blend that dominated London pubs. Publicans who once poured a mixture from three casks could now serve the entire beer from one cask. The name entire eventually became synonymous with porter, a title

Blueberry Porter

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This brew is a seasonal one for me based on blueberry harvest. Those of you not within fresh blueberry territory will have to make do with frozen blueberries from your grocery store. Four pounds of our local berries (the size of chick peas, roughly) give a noticeable blueberry flavor and aroma, even in a porter.

Chocolate Porter #47

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"I’m a big porter and stout fan, and I think that I finally found the perfect porter recipe. It has a real full chocolate flavor and is quite creamy smooth."

– Jeff Atkins
Springfield, Ill.

Create Your Own Great Porter


Do you remember the movie “Johnny Dangerously”? Johnny walks into his mother’s apartment and asks, “Whatcha cookin’ Ma?” His mother says “Beer.” Johnny replies, “With noodles, good idea.” This seemed funny at

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